How to help your partner with erectile dysfunction

How to help your partner with erectile dysfunction

What should a woman do if her husband has erectile dysfunction? In some cases, men, after some time of relationship, go through erectile dysfunction. More than 52 percent of men have erectile dysfunction, and it is estimated that about 322 million men will face erectile dysfunction by 2025.

It’s true that erectile dysfunction not only affects men but also women. In a relationship, both partners suffer because of erectile dysfunction. But the question is, what should women do if their partner is going through ED?

You have to know that everything is imperfect, and so are relationships. In some cases, your partner is very loving and expresses his love in every possible way except in the bedroom. He stands with you through thick and thin, but when it comes to intimacy, he lacks rising and firmness. In this situation, you should play a supportive role; you have to stay with your partner to get out of this difficult time.

If your partner is also experiencing erectile dysfunction, here is a comprehensive guide for you.

A Partner’s Guide to erectile dysfunction

Here are things to do if your partner has ED:

  • Be supportive

All you can do for your partner in this situation is to support him. Provide him with a judgment-free space. Mostly, guys feel uncomfortable about initiating a conservation about their problem.

If you acknowledge it first, then you provide him with a warm space for conversation.

Help him know you are not bothered by it. In this way, your partner will not be embarrassed. Now, you will be able to take the next step. That’s the treatment.

People of every age go through ED. Younger men face mental health-related ED.

  • Erectile dysfunction is common

First of all, you have to understand that it is normal if your partner doesn’t achieve an erection in 20 percent of the attempts. The fact is that erectile dysfunction affects 1 out of 10 men.

  • Erectile dysfunction is treatable

Erectile dysfunction is associated with age, and it increases with age. With increasing age, you feel a drop in the quality of erections and an increase in time with erections.

But you need not worry because erectile dysfunction is a treatable problem. For this, your partner has either oral or injectable medications.

In addition to it, sex therapy, sexual help devices, and surgery options are available.

  • Women also have sexual issues

Almost 70 percent of couples go through sexual problems at some point in their life. Women mostly go through a decrease in libido and less sexual desire. They can have pain during sex, so if your partner is not doing well in bed, be supportive.

  • Make communication better

Most people don’t want to talk about it, but it’s very important. National institutes of Don’t Blame Your Partner Health say about 30 million men suffer from ED.

If you want to get rid of ED, then communication is the key. Let your husband know that it is a very common problem.

Communicating with him makes him less alone. Acknowledging him that it’s not a big deal can create easiness for him.

  • Understand do and don’t

Sometimes, men don’t want to go to the doctor for treatment of ED. You will have to be patient. But keep following the dos and don’ts in mind:

1: Do not pretend you are unaware of the problem

Suppose your partner is having an ED problem. Instead of pretending that you are unaware, communicate with him on this problem. Find a solution together.

2: Do not blame your partner

During erectile dysfunction, mental health deteriorates. So, never blame your partner because it can worsen their mental health.

3: Do not insist your partner doing things on your way

ED is a medical problem, and it is not a symbol of weakness or lack of sexual desire. Speak softly with your partner and avoid saying anything which can hurt them. Never blame your partner for this.

4: Do let your partner know about the treatment

If your partner is having an ED problem, then you should make him sit and ask how you can help him in this situation. Let them know you are there for them. Foreplay, flirting, and sex with boys can make sexual activity fun and make you happy.


Can a relationship survive with ED?

Yes, if partners have understanding and both are supportive, then a relationship can survive with erectile dysfunction.

Can a man with ED get a woman pregnant?

If your man has erectile dysfunction, it is difficult to conceive, but it is still possible. Various studies proved it.

Does ED affect sperm quality?

No erectile dysfunction does not affect your sperm quality.

How can I fix ED without Viagra?

You can fix erectile dysfunction without Viagra by adopting another treatment method.

Can it be treatable at home?

Yes, a few home remedies help to kill erectile dysfunction.

What is the fastest way to get rid of erectile dysfunction?

If you are looking for the fastest way to get rid of erectile dysfunction, use oral medicine.

At what age is ED normal?

Erectile dysfunction is not normal at any age but is common after the age of 70.

Is ED permanent or temporary?

Erectile dysfunction is a temporary condition that is completely treatable.

How long does ED usually last?

Usually, erectile dysfunction lasts for a few months to a few years.


Erectile dysfunction is a problem in which men have difficulty maintaining erections firm enough for sex.

A recurrent failure of erection indicates the problem. For some men, sexual performance is a matter of their pride and a male ego.

That’s why they don’t discuss it with their partners, and it causes a mess in the future. Many relationships end because of ED. The worst thing is a poor reaction to a failed erection. This can make the problem worse. But women should know that ED is curable, and you both can have a peaceful and happy life after treatment.