10 Natural ways to treat erectile dysfunction

10 Natural ways to treat erectile dysfunction

What is the fastest way to cure erectile dysfunction naturally? Erectile dysfunction is a serious problem in men; millions of men are facing erectile dysfunction that acts as an unexpected intruder in moments of love with their partner.

That’s why it is important to have proper treatment for erectile dysfunction. But how?

Various effective medical treatment options are available to overcome this male infertility issue. Still, these medicines have side effects, such as headaches, high blood pressure, digestive issues, etc., and these side effects stop thousands of people from getting treatment.

Are you looking for a way to treat ED without medicine? Don’t fret. There is an option. You can tackle erectile dysfunction head-on naturally at home without any side effects.

Are you thinking how it is possible? Don’t burden your mind; we are here to help you out. In this article, we suggest the best option to treat ED naturally. Let’s dive into it.

10 Ways to treat erectile dysfunction

It is easy to treat erectile dysfunction at home naturally. Here are some easy ways:

Quality sleep

Sleep is important for your overall health; an 8 to 9-hour sleep is best to avoid health issues. It is seen that proper sleep helps to improve your ED. A recent study showed that people with poor sleep have a 59 percent high chance of ED.

Because poor sleep affects blood circulation and testosterone levels, which causes ED.

According to a recent report, ED cases are more common in men who work night shifts and don’t sleep well.

That’s why health experts suggest getting enough sleep to overcome erectile dysfunction.

Balanced diet

A well-balanced diet is important for sexual function and men’s fertility. Bad foods like junk, sweet beverages, and oily food disturb your hormone levels, especially testosterone, and cause ED.

A study proved that men who followed the Mediterranean diet had a lower chance of ED than those who ate junk.

Men with ED should eat green leafy vegetables because they have enough nitrate to improve blood circulation in the body, especially in the penis. Additionally, they should eat food rich in folic acid because ED patients need more folic acid.

Raisins are good for treating ED because they provide energy and sexual stamina.

Daily exercises

Daily exercises prevent ED in men and improve already existing ED. Most men experience ED due to physical inactivity, excessive fat levels inside the body, and cardiovascular issues. If people with ED do daily exercise, it will help them to treat ED naturally.

Research showed that aerobic exercises for more than half an hour for six months help to treat ED naturally. Moreover, kegel and pelvic exercises help treat ED because they maintain good blood circulation.

Lose weight

ED is more common in overweight people. Because of excessive weight, their body doesn’t work properly, like low blood circulation, low level of testosterone, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. According to a survey, overweight people are more at risk of ED.

It is seen that size matters from a health perspective; people with a 42-inch waist are 50 percent more likely to have ED than those with a waist size 32.

So if you are overweight and have erectile dysfunction shed your extra kilos. When you lose weight, your blood circulation will be improved, your hormone level will be normal, and you can get rid of ED.

Avoid alcohol

Excessive consumption of alcohol is the major reason for ED. It’s proved that men are more likely to be into alcohol. A recent report in 2022 says about 63 percent of people drink alcohol daily.

Moreover, Americans drink an average of 1.35 drinks a day, which affects their fertility. A study showed that ED condition appears in people who have alcohol dependence syndrome. So, if you are trying to overcome ED problems, quit alcohol.


Psychological issues also lead to ED. In many cases, ED is noticed because of psychological issues, like fear of failure, sexual trauma, and low confidence. In this case, psychotherapy helps to improve ED.

A report showed that psychological therapy, like cognitive behavioral therapy, is effective for ED.

Stress and anxiety

Stress and anxiety are the leading causes of ED. In 2019, researchers found that people with chronic stress are at risk of ED because stress and testosterone levels decrease.

Research performed an eight-week stress management therapy on ED patients and got positive results: the ED improved them.

So, if you have ED, then lower your stress level by doing therapy or exercise.

Quit smoking

If you have erectile dysfunction and a smoking habit, stop right away because smoking is bad for men’s health. It not only causes ED but also promotes other men’s fertility issues.

It is scientifically proven that those who smoke have a high chance of data age. Because when you smoke, you inhale harmful chemicals; these chemicals damage your blood vessels, and proper blood does not reach your penis, and you experience ED.

If a person with ED does not stop smoking, their ED will get worse and irreversible.


ED is a serious issue, and it needs immediate treatment. Because ED creates hurdles to living a happy life, it affects you mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Different treatment options are available for ED treatment, but there are a few drawbacks to these medical treatment options. So the best way is to get rid of ED naturally by adopting home remedies like losing weight, exercising, reducing stress, eating healthily, avoiding alcohol, stopping smoking, etc.

If you follow these natural remedies, you will get good results and you will be able to enjoy your sexual life.